Cheese presses for sale

In my long career as a home cheese maker, I have tried many different cheese presses (and spent a lot of money on them). 

I'm very picky about what I'm looking for in a cheese press, and most of the commercial ones for sales didn't do it for me.     

So my handy, handsome husband made me one.    I love it! 

You don't need any fancy pressure gauges, it's easy to clean, fast to assemble and disassemble, you can use a 2-pound or 5-pound mold with it, and it's very inexpensive.    

Made with pine wood and galvanized steel.  Measures 11 long by 11 inches wide and 11 inches high.    

Use your own weight (or a jar of water or other items as weight).


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Plus shipping and handling.

We don't ship to Canada!