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Smooth Sailin' Landscaping
and Garden Design

Smooth Sailin' is a mother (Corina) and sons team (Kai and Luke), and sometimes includes Dad (Steve) when heavy equipment is needed. Corina has 30 years of landscaping and gardening experience, specializing in organic methods. Kai and Luke grew up on a homestead and farm, and they know how to work fast, hard and efficiently.

The first step is a consultation with Corina, where we determine your vision and needs. What do you want your landscaping to look like? What's your vision? What colors do you like? Do you want super low maintenance options, or do you enjoy weeding every now and then? How to keep things looking good all year long?

Corina charges $45 per hour for consultation and design, and then $35 an hour for actual labor.

The boys charge $25 per hour.

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Some examples of our work: