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In this book, you will learn how to make Gouda cheese and consistently produce a beautiful wheel every time. The author, a native German artisan cheesemaker, has taught hundreds of people how to make Gouda cheese - both in person on her homestead and also in her online cheesemaking courses. She will hold your hand every step of the whey, ahhh, way, and take you through the process step-by-step.

The book includes lots of pictures and also gives you access to her exclusive demonstration movie filmed in her kitchen. The 23-minute long movie will make it seem like you are making cheese in the kitchen with the author.

You will learn exactly what ingredients and equipment you need. The links in this book are all clickable, so you can conveniently shop for your ingredients right from the digital book!

The author passes along many tricks and tips you usually don't read about in cheesemaking books. For example, she teaches you how to make your own cheese press for less than $10 instead of buying an expensive one.

This book will teach you exactly when and how to cut the curds, which when done incorrectly can turn cheese into a disaster.

It also explains how to press your cheese, how to age it, and how to properly store it so you can show it off to friends and relatives.

The book includes a chapter on trouble shooting and resources as well.

One great perk included in this book is access to the author's Facebook cheesemaking community, where you can interact with other aspiring cheesemakers and the author herself.

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